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You support(ed) Ukrainian children, Ukrainian organizations, and Regional territorial defense team.
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Updated: 03.05 Tue

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Looking for

Ordered (waiting)

  • ~200 EUR Software-defined radio set (Pro) 1x


  • ~300 EUR Power banks 16x
  • ~150 EUR Two-way radio 3x
  • ~50 EUR Steel Mugs 10x and Carabiner 20x
  • ~400 EUR Thermal monocular camera 1x
  • ~200 EUR Knee pads 22x pairs
  • ~300 EUR Flashlights 20x
  • ~500 EUR Tactical glasses 20x
  • ~300 EUR Tactical gloves 21x pairs
  • ~300 EUR Rugged notebook 1x
  • ~200 EUR Software-defined radio set 3x
  • ~2.000+ EUR Notebook 10x
  • ~900+ EUR Drone 3x


  • ~400 EUR Ukrainian organizations (medics, volunteers, media)
  • ~100 EUR Ukrainian children


  • ~300 EUR PayPal fees
  • ~100 EUR Transport, DHL fees

Wave 4

  • 08.04 Fri: Started to support Ukrainian children and media
  • 02.04 Sat: War taking longer than expected.. -> Extended finding deadline to 10.04 (max 30 days).

Wave 3

  • 25.03 Fri: Sent 2 large packages to Vyshhorod (near to Kyiv) 🚚

Wave 2

  • 19.03 Sat: Team in Uzhhorod received notebooks, gloves, and glasses
  • 17.03 Thu: Sent 4 packages to Uzhhorod 🚚
  • 21.03 Mon: Sent all to Kyiv 🚚

Wave 1

  • 14.03 Mon: Team in Uzhhorod received notebooks and SDRs
  • 12.03 Sat: Sent 3 packages to Uzhhorod 🚚
  • 21.03 Mon: Sent all to Kyiv 🚚

About action

My name is Dimitri Jakushevich. I am living in Munich area and guarantee the money will be used in explained way:  

From first day of war russian-aggressor is active in area of Kyiv Hydroelectric Power Plant. This is a critical dam up the Dnieper River over Kyiv. This team is monitoring the situation in the area and rescuing / helping people around. The team requires minimal equipment for communication (e.g. two-way radio), transportation (e.g. unloading vest), etc.

You spend your money to my personal PayPal account. I do have possibility to buy required equipment here and bring it to Uzhhorod in Ukraine. There is a volunteer team in Uzhhorod who will deliver it to the defense team. 

#StandWithUkraine #RussiaInvadedUkraine #StopRussianAggression